Diaphragm Failure Detection Kit
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Diaphragm Failure Detection Kit

Provides a warning signal of a diaphragm failure by sensing the presenced of liquid in the air chamber of the pump

Product Information


  • Cost-effective way to get your pumps wired for preventive maintenance

How ARO Diaphragm Failure Detection (DFD) Works

  • A refractive infrared light sensor installed into the air side of the diaphragm housing sends and receives a continuous optic signal. If diaphragm failure occurs and fluid enters the air side, the sensor's beam is absorbed and an output signal is sent indicating failure.

When and Where to Use ARO DFD

  • When pumping materials that could pose a threat to the work environment
  • In remote locations where constant monitoring is critical
  • When pumping expensive materials
  • Where OSHA or EPA standards and codes require monitoring


  • ¼” to ¾” Compact Series and 1” to 3” EXP Series
    • Standard Duty: 67237
    • Hazardous Duty ATEC NEC, CEC: 96270-2 (Qty. 2) & 97414 (Qty. 1)