Pumps For Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing

Lithium-ion battery manufacturing can be a complicated process. Finding a safe, reliable pump doesn't have to be.


ARO Pumps able to handle for lithium-ion battery production

Lithium-ion batteries are used in a variety of industries and aspects of everyday life. As a core part of the electric vehicle battery market, the quality and reliability of the battery have a significant impact on each car's performance and safety.

The battery manufacturing process can be long and complicated. No matter what kind of material you are transferring — whether it is general fluid or powder materials, whether it is abrasive, corrosive, or shear sensitive, whether the pump is used in non-hazardous areas or hazardous locations — ARO can provide professional solutions for each of these challenges.

Our expertly engineered fluid handling solutions:

  • Handle abrasives, solids and corrosives

  • Feature a sealless pump design

  • Are low shear

  • Include a special powder pump

  • Are available for hazardous duty environments (ATEX, NEC and CEC certifications)

ARO also offers a specialized pump series for lithium-ion battery manufacturing, which contains no copper, zinc or nickel, to meet the strict requirements of the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process.


At which step of the lithium-ion battery production are ARO pumps suitable?

Electrode Production

Raw material distribution & mixing

Product: EXP Series AODP​

Application:​Powder pumps are utilized to transfer dry bulk powder in to the wet mix.​​

Diaphragm pumps are used to distribute and mix raw chemicals as part of the formulation. ​

Product: EVO Series Electric Diaphragm Pump​

Application: handle raw material efficiently and gently. EVO Series pumps can also work with powder such as carbon black.​


Product: EVO Series Electric Diaphragm Pump​

Application: Keeping a clean environment is key for maintaining high integrity of the chemical compound applied to the battery during the coating process on the supply chain. The electric operated EVO Series pump removes the presence of air during this process providing you a clean and dust free application.​


Cell Assembly

Case closer & case insertion

Product: Piston Pumps​

Application: Piston pumps are utilized for precise dispense of sealants and adhesives to assemble batteries together (cell case).​


Cell Finishing

Electrolyte filling & formation

Product: EVO Series Electric Diaphragm Pump​

Application: Feed filling machines with electrolyte chemicals. The EVO Series electric diaphragm pump can get a wide chemical compatibility thanks to the large material combination. ​


ARO pumps for lithium-ion battery production


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