ARO Controller & Electronic Interface Pump

Remotely Take Control. Increase Safety. Reduce Errors From Manual Operation.

The ARO controller and electronic interface pumps are ideal for a wide array of applications such as batching and filling containers and tanks in numerous markets.

EXP is Automation Ready

All EXP Series pumps are enhanced with electronic interface capability, providing accurate, electronically controlled dosing. Combine our pump with the ARO Controller and switch from inaccurate, inefficient manual processes to intelligent fluid management.

Electronic Interface EXP Series Diaphragm Pumps

ARO EXP series pump with electronic control interface

Safe Control and Monitoring    src=

ARO Electronic Interface pumps are suitable for use in gas and dust environments, including ATEX and North American applications.

Connect the pump to the ARO Controller outside the hazardous zone and provide safer control and monitoring of your processes. 

 Installation Overview for Hazardous Areas:

  • Operate the pump in the following hazardous locations:
    NEC / CEC: Class I&II, Div 1&2, Group A-D
    ATEX: Zone 1&2, 21&22 
  • Hazardous rated electrical components allow for installation within hazardous areas
  • Wire the provided sensors and barrier devices per your local code requirements 
  • Install controller and barrier devices in a suitable hazardous enclosure or outside
    the hazardous area

Use the ARO® Controller or Your Own PLC Controller


  • Remote triggers and alerts send operating data, can perform auto shut-down, and keep you up-to-date on maintenance needs
  • Controller accepts leak detection, liquid level sensing and proportional control
  • Seamless integration between the ARO® Controller and the EXP Series Electronic Interface pumps
  • Multi-pump control for accurate two part batching processes

ARO Controller usage