Piston Pump Selection Made Simple

Whether your application requires a 2-ball, 4-ball, or chop-checkpiston pump, with ARO, you get a pump that’s better engineered, fromthe inside out. We offer design features and performance enhancementsthat ensure your pump is as durable and dependable as possible.

With an ARO piston pump, you can be assured of getting reliableequipment with the least amount of effort, calculation, or hassle onyour part. There are basically four factors to take into considerationwhen selecting the right configuration for your application: 

Type of fluid
Viscosity or thickness
Required flowrate
Required output pressure

Knowing fluid viscosity and flow rates makes it easier to choose theright pump for your application. Not sure what size air motor orpiston pump you need? No problem. You can find out by contacting AROTechnical Support and working directly with our expert pumpconsultants to be sure you get a motor and pump package that operatesefficiently, reliably, and safely.

Ratio Calculator

Image of ARO pneumatic piston pumps

source: Ingersoll Rand® / ARO®