Single-Post Rams
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Single Post Rams

Provides responsive pump lifting and pump lowering - with sufficient downforce to permit pump extrusion of materials up to 500,000 cPs. It's ability to revolve 360-degrees allows the ongoing placement and rotation of three, 55-gallon containers - a critical feature in applications that demand continuous material supply.

Product Information


  • Portability Kit (67425) available for mobile applications.
  • Used with "N" series 22:1 pumps and 4.25" air motor and 6" air motor extrusion pumps
  • Ram exerts downward force on pump to maintain prime with high-viscosity fluids
  • Ram also lifts pump to ease change-over of empty fluid containers
  • Optional air-controls available for on-board regulation of pump


  • RM051S-B (Basic Model)
  • RM051S-C (With Air Controls)