Water & Wastewater

ARO water pumps and wastewater pumps deliver strong performance with longer lifespans, all at a lower cost.

Our full range of mobile pump solutions for water and wastewater applications are built for tough jobs. When you need a reliable, efficient pump for handling and transferring fluids with high solids content, you can count on ARO.

Because waste fluids can be highly abrasive and chemically aggressive, ARO diaphragm water pumps are well suited for this application. They provide a more robust seal than electric pumps, which rely on mechanical seals that can leak and cause hazards.

Water & Wastewater Applications

  • Dewatering through filtration (filter press)
  • Chemical dosing to neutralize pH levels and treat sludge
  • Wastewater sump transfer and sample
  • Municipal water treatment and utility pumps
  • Belt press feed
  • Sewage treatment
  • Potable water systems

ARO Solutions for Waste & Wastewater

EXP Series

Efficient pumps with remote monitoring and automation capabilities

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Pro Series

Rugged, reliable AODD pumps for slurry transfer

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Flap Valve Pump

Specialty pump for waste fluids containing large particles

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2:1 Ratio High Pressure Pump

Specialty pump for filter press applications

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The ARO Difference

Industrial and manufacturing professionals have relied on ARO products for 90 years. Our submersible water pumps and wastewater treatment pumps offer many benefits.

SafetyAODD pumping systems with leak-free, stall-free capability ensure safety.
Versatility and CompatibilityAODD pumps have a broad range of chemical compatibility. Pumps can be cleaned and moved between processes, and one pump can be used for numerous applications.
ProductivityThe integration of electronic-interface pump options including Leak Detection, End-of-Stroke and Solenoid Controlled Operation, help manufacturers aggregate data to increase productivity and reduce downtime.
Long-lasting diaphragms to minimize downtime and exposure to potential safety hazards
Reliable pressure and greater flow control
Portable and self-priming for quick-start operations
Chemical resistant pumps available in stainless steel, polypropylene, PVDF and conductive poly

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