ARO pumps are designed to deliver high flow and energy efficiency for a range of ceramics applications.

Our pumps are designed to handle a wide range of ceramics applications with the highest flow on the market, even in abrasive conditions and at higher temperatures (158°F or 70°C).

  • Ceramic slurry transfer
  • Glaze transfer
  • Adding water to ceramic slurry
  • Adding colors to floortiles, wall tiles or sanitary ceramic
  • Filter press - the separation of solids and liquids using large-scale pressure filtration

ARO pneumatic diaphragm pumps for ceramics are widely preferred given their ease of use and maintenance. Our EXP Series pumps also can be supplied with proximity sensors (PE Series) to give operators better visibility of what the pump is doing and better administration of preventive maintenance measures.


ARO Solutions for Ceramics

EXP Series

Efficient pumps with remote monitoring and automation capabilities

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PRO Series

Rugged, reliable AODD pumps for slurry transfer

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Flap Valve Specialty Pump

Handles 2" semi-solids and 3/4" solids

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The ARO Difference

Industrial and manufacturing professionals have relied on ARO products for 90 years. Our ceramic slip pumps offer many benefits.

Highest flow on the market
Variable speeds to reduce impact of abrasion
Bolted construction for faster, easier maintenance
Energy efficient
Quick damp valves to prevent freezing

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Whether you're looking for a ceramic slip pump, a pump for glazing, a water pump, or any other liquid transfer pump for ceramic applications, ARO has the right pumps for your project. Contact us today and see why we're the leader in fluid handling.