Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing

Lithium-ion battery manufacturing can be a complicated process. Finding a safe, reliable pump doesn't have to be.

Lithium-ion batteries are used in a great many industries and aspects of everyday life. As a core part of the electric vehicle, the quality and reliability of the battery have a significant impact on each car's performance and safety.

The battery manufacturing process can be long and complicated. No matter what kind of material you would like to transfer — whether it is general fluid or powder materials, whether it is abrasive, corrosive, or shear sensitive, whether the pump is used in non-hazardous area or hazardous locations — ARO can provide professional solutions to all of these challenges.

Our expertly engineered fluid handling solutions:

  • Handle abrasives, solids and corrosives
  • Feature a sealless pump design
  • Are low shear
  • Include a special powder pump
  • Are available for hazardous duty environments (ATEX, NEC and CEC certifications)

ARO also offers a lithium-ion specialized pump series, which contains no copper, zinc or nickel, to meet the strict requirements of the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process.


ARO Solutions for Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing

PRO Series Diaphragm Pumps

For bulk fluid transfer, slurry and dewatering

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EXP Series Diaphragm Pumps

For remote pump control and automated batching and mixing

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Powder Pump

Powder Pump

Transfer and handle dry process powders faster and cleaner than installed systems

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The ARO Difference

ARO air-operated double diaphragm pumps are a reliable, cost-effective choice for the battery manufacturing industry. Our AODD pumps can handle most chemicals, including hydrochloric acid, and are designed to prevent leaks and cross-contamination.

Bolted leak-free design
Reliable pressure
Wide flow operating range
Greater flow control
Broad chemical compatibility
Chemical resistant pumps available in stainless steel and polypropylene
Deadheading without damage or energy waste

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Chemical Compatibility Guide

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Diaphragm Pump Selector

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