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WP ARO GmbH is an official ARO distributor in your area. Serving Germany as the one stop shop for all of your pump needs. From air operated diaphragm pumps to electric diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, valves, cylinders and accessories, we have products and services to support your business. Get in contact with us today and find how ARO Distributor WP ARO GmbH can support your business pump needs. Some of WP ARO GmbH solutions include:


We provide:

  • Product sales and consultation
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Parts and accessories

Major Areas Served by WP ARO GmbH


About Us

WP ARO GmbH was initially founded in 1997 as the ARO division of Wetterauer Pumpenbau GmbH. Initially, we took over the supply of spare parts and repair kits as well as simple standard pumps from the ARO product portfolio to the German market. The strong growth and the necessary expansion led to the spin-off into Wetterauer Pumpenbau Geschäftsbereich ARO GmbH, which was renamed WP-ARO GmbH for ease of use.

Since then, our company has acted as the German distributor for the entire ARO pump product portfolio of the American conglomerate Ingersoll Rand. The quality of the products and the performance of our employees led to a very successful repositioning of ARO products in the German market. As a distribution partner, we have held the top position among ARO pump distributors worldwide for more than a decade. Today we serve leading companies in the German industry, both in the operating and original equipment business.

Thanks to the expertise and experience we have today, combined with the internal structures we have developed, we have evolved from a supplier of air-operated diaphragm and air- operated piston pumps to a provider of solutions for our customers. Solutions that are developed, designed, manufactured and documented in-house, all from a single source and tailored to your application.

With consistent development in the personnel area, we employ over 30 people at the Alzenau site and in the regional sales offices and cover a wide range of professional qualifications, from export merchants and industrial mechanics to pump engineers.

All our colleagues have a clear focus, namely a focus on you, our customers. We see it as our task to provide you with optimum application advice and to offer you the best possible technical solutions.