Powder Pump Systems

Replace Manual Powder Processes

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Air Operated Diaphragm Powder Pump


Transfer and handle your dry process powders faster, cleaner and at a fraction of the cost associated with installed “systems.” Consistent trouble- free transfer of powders up to 45-lbs. per cubic foot (721 kgs. per cubic meter) dry-weight, such as carbon black, expanded mica, silicones, acrylic resins, 3D printing powders and pharmaceuticals.

Replace Manual Powder Processes.

  • Reduce Airborne Contamination - With direct transfer from the powder container to your recipe. 
  • Unique Patented Air-Induction System - Avoids the possibility of powder pack-out.
  • Portable - Can be moved from site to site.
Système de pompe à poudre

Features & Benefits

Startup & Troubleshooting

  • Delay Timer Built-in timer insures proper fluidization of the powder before start-up.

  • Air Filter/Regulator Included with pump. 

  • Main Air Control Valve Directly controlled by the Delay Timer, main start-up valve supplies air pressure directly to the pump’s major air valve.

  • Pump Major Air Valve ARO’s Air valve features patented, stall-free design.

  • 4-Way Air-Efficiency Valve Reduces the amount of air or other inert gas required for operation. A critical cost and energy-saving feature.

  • Air Induction Valve Special valve increases air velocity for optimum powder aeration and diffusion.
Système de pompe à poudre

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