Solar Energy

ARO’s pumps are designed to meet the unique needs of solar panel production processes with high performance and efficiency.

Solar panel production involves a process called framing, whereby an aluminum frame is attached to the solar panel. During framing, a dispensing system puts down the sealant that adheres the aluminum frame and the glass panel together. Junction boxes/charge controllers are potted with a two-component silicone or polyurethane. Silicone materials or hot melts are used to bond the junction box/charge controllers onto the back of the solar panel.

Our quality piston pumps and fluid regulators are ideal for conveying the sealants and adhesives used in solar module manufacturing processes, as well as the silicone adhesives and sealants used in frame sealing and rail bonding. Applications include:

  • Framing (frame sealing & bonding)
  • Corner connection sealing & bonding
  • Junction box potting & bonding
  • Rail bonding
  • Charge controller potting and case bonding

ARO Solutions for Solar Energy

AFX Series Chop Check Piston Pumps & Packages

AFX Series Chop Check Piston Pumps & Packages

Move medium to high viscosity sealants & adhesives

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High Pressure Fluid Regulators

High Pressure Fluid Regulators

Get precise pressure control

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Material Filters

Material Filters

For free-flowing delivery to the dispense valve

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The ARO Difference

ARO piston pumps are designed for use in abrasive-heavy industries such as solar panel manufacturing. 
Our pumps meet the demands of constant use without wearing down.

Available in many configurations and construction materials that deliver superior resistance and reliability
6” stroke delivers greater displacement and less wear than 4” stroke pumps
Fewer moving parts for easier service and safer operation
Global network of partners with readily available spare parts and service capabilities

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