Washing & Disinfecting Applications

ARO offers easy to use, portable pumps and accessories for cleaning, washing and disinfecting.

ARO offers efficient, reliable pump solutions for sanitizing, washing and disinfecting applications.

Our piston pumps and diaphragm pumps combine lasting durability with expert engineering to give you a fluid transfer pump capable of resisting wear while providing consistent flow and even coverage, in any type of washing or disinfecting application, including:

  • Low pressure disinfecting
  • Misting or quick cleaning
  • Disinfectant nebulization
  • High pressure washing

Our fluid handling products provide a practical solution to comply with sanitation ordinances and avoid any potential contamination.

ARO pumps and accessories can be configured for a wide range of applications and environments.

Whether you're disinfecting schools, hospitals or commerical establishments or you're pressure washing commerical fleet vehicles or public gathering spaces, lean on ARO to help you guarantee the quality and service level of your products and processes.

ARO manufactures a variety of wash pumps and packages for sanitizing and disinfecting applications

ARO Solutions for Washing & Disinfecting Applications

High Pressure Wash Pumps

Perfect for cleaning or disinfecting vehicles, plant structures, construction equipment or aircraft

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Automatic Airless Spray Gun

Airless Control Handles

Manual and automatic models for optimal flow of disinfectant or spray cleaners

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2-Ball Piston Pumps

2-Ball Piston Pumps

Designed for uniform, consistent fluid delivery

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Non-Metallic N Series 2-Ball Piston Pumps

Non-Metallic N Series Piston Pumps

For light to medium industrial cleaning applications

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ARO Pro Series AODD Pumps

Pro Series Diaphragm Pumps

Rugged and reliable AODD pumps for bulk fluid transfer

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ARO Hoses


Choose the right size, material and pressure option for your application

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The ARO Difference

ARO® piston pumps and diaphragm pumps deliver the power, adaptability, and dependability you need in a pressure washing or disinfecting system. Reduce contamination and enhance safety with our reliable pump features:

Time-tested design that’s been proven for long-term use
Strong fluid flow and pressure
Low air consumption
Low pulsation
Portable and easy to use
Custom configurations available for light, medium and heavy duty applications
Fewer moving parts lead to easier service and safer operation
Motor design delivers optimum 
air efficiency
Bolted construction for leak-free 
fluid handling
Broad chemical compatibility, including List N disinfectants that meet the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 illness

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Product Configuration for Disinfecting and Cleaning

ARO products promote the highest efficiency in avoiding any potential contamination.

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Chemical Compatibility Guide

Our selection guide provides a convenient and informative reference for chemical process pumps.

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