ARO® Lubrication Equipment

Saving You Time and Money

Lubrication Equipment Catalog

ARO Lubrication Equipment Catalog


ARO® Pumps and Packages for Oil and Grease

ARO® lubrication pumps deliver unmatched industrial-strength performance and are sized to fit any container - large (275-gal/400-lb, 1040.9 L / 181.4 kg) to small (5-gal/35-lb, 18.9 L/15.9 kg).

They pump motor and gear oils, transmission fluid, and standard and industrial greases. Pumps are offered from 3:1 to 100:1 ratios in order to meet the requirements of any application - commercial vehicle servicing to lubricating heavy mining equipment.

Saving You Time and Money

Our simple pump designs allow service by any owner or qualified technician.

ARO Lubrication Equipment

Reliable Performance:

  • Patented design improves flow, reduces pulsation and extends service life
  • Various size motors can produce the right pressure for any application


  • ARO® stands behind its pumps with a 5-year warranty
  • Stall-free motor is contained in a rugged housing

Low Maintenance Time and Cost:

  • Can service pumps in-line with no special tools required
  • Fewer parts than comparable pumps mean easier servicing
  • No air line lubrication required

Application advantages of ARO® lubrication pumps:

Transfer & Supply: ARO. lubrication pumps are designed to move high volumes of fluids in order to minimize time spent filling or emptying large containers.

Lubrication: ARO. lubrication pumps offer a variety of flow rates and pressures to meet your need in moving oil and grease to lubricate equipment and machinery.