Pro Chem Case Study

Texas cleaning chemicals plant cuts tank filling process from hours to minutes with ARO Air-Diaphragm pump and Controller

Case Study: Pro Chem


ARO Electronic Interface pumps - customized control without the cost The ARO

Electronic Interface Diaphragm Pump provides all the benefits of an air-operated pump with the controllability of an electric pump. All ARO EXP Series Electronic Interface Pumps seamlessly integrate with the ARO Automated Controller.

  • Internal cycle counter and end-of-stroke pressure signals track feedback and pump data

  • Leak detection option detects and notifies of diaphragm failure. ARO Controller offers multi-pump control for accurate two-part batching

  • Remote triggers and alerts send timely operating data

  • Convoluted diaphragm lasts up to four times longer than traditional diaphragms

  • Wide range of sizes and material selection accommodates myriad processes, fluids and viscosity

A Simple Solution to a Complex Challenge


  • Existing pump and controller failure
  • Process efficiency
  • Downtime and rework
  • Worker safety
  • Material use — inventory and tracking

Smart Touch, Walk-Away Solution

  • Upgraded pumping capacity with exact dosing and remote control capability
  • Close loop system for dispensing repeatability within 1 percent
  • Compact design easily installed in existing production line


  • 75% improved pump reliability
  • 35% improvement in process efficiency
  • 15% fewer operator errors
  • 600 monthly in material savings


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ARO Controller and Electronic Interface Pump

ARO Controller &
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