ARO Controller

ARO, a global leader in fluid management solutions, has developed a closed-loop controller that offers remote operating capabilities, requiring less operator oversight and a dispensing repeatability within 1%.

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The ARO® Controller - Fluid Intelligence at Work

Get touch-and-walk-away automation that ensures accuracy and reduces waste.

Use with ARO® Electronic Interface capable pumps

Real Time System Alerts

  • Remote alerts send operating data
  • Triggers can perform auto shut-down
  • Notifications can be programmed for maintenance tasks

Flow Meter Integration

  • A Flow meter signal provides accurate input for precise volume control
  • The controller closes an outlet valve to quickly stop flow when the desired volume is reached
  • Integrates with ease and eliminates the need for PLC wiring and programming

Automate Your Process

  • Eliminate manual processes and mistakes
  • Achieve safer control and monitoring via remote operation
  • Accepts leak detection, liquid level sensing and proportional control

Simul-Start Pumping

  • Synchronize your pumps
  • Controller can signal 2 pumps to start simultaneously in applications requiring consistent volumetric ratios

Multi-Pump Control

  • Control 2 pumps for accurate two part batching processes
  • Pre-program up to 5 batches per pump
  • Alarm notifies on batch completion

Touch-and-Walk Away

  • Accurate, electronically controlled dosing
  • Includes pre-programmed and user-directed fuctions
  • Closed loop system achieves dispensing repeatability within +/- 1%

Markets & Applications:

  • The ARO controller and electronic interface pumps are ideal for a wide array of applications such as batching, and container and tank fill in numerous markets.

External Power

V in

90 - 264 VAC

V out

24 VDC (± 5%)

I out


Controller I/O



Digital inputs

24 VDC


Digital outputs

24 VDC


Analog inputs

4 - 20mA


Analog outputs

4 - 20mA



Operating temperature range

-20°C to 70°C

Storage temperature range

-30°C to 80°C

Maximum relative humidity




If you have an existing ARO controller with Software Version 1.0.0 or 1.0.5, please proceed to update with the latest software version.

If the controller’s existing software version is NOT Version 1.0.0 or 1.0.5, please DO NOT UPDATE your controller to the latest version software.

Contact ARO Technical Support for more assistance.