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Piston Pump Overview

Piston Pump Overview


For over 85 years, the ARO® Fluid Products business of Ingersoll Rand® has developed partnerships with more than 200 original equipment manufacturers and distributors, enabling us to better focus on the unique pumping needs of many industries. It’s a strategic merger of our partners’ application expertise, along with our decades-long legacy of designing and building outstanding piston pumps.

Simply Versatile

ARO piston pumps are capable of handling a wide variety of viscous fluids. With a wide selection of pressure ratios and displacement rates available, ARO offers a number of piston pump packages that can meet your specific application needs. Offered in multiple configurations, including single-post, two-post and heavy-duty two-post, our piston pump packages ensure you have the right solutions for the following applications as well as many others.


Piston Packages for Any Application

ARO offers a versatile range of piston pump packages capable of meeting the specific needs of your specific application. Available in multiple configurations with a broad selection of pressure ratios and displacement rates, our pumps can help unlock superior performance and increase production across a number of unique applications.



Paint and Coating Applications

Paint and Coating

The abrasive nature of paints and coatings can quickly break down weaker components. That’s why systems that handle the transfer of high-solids materials trust ARO piston pumps to stand up to the pressure.

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Lubricant Applications

Lubricant Applications

Lubricant applications demand a pump that can dispense oils and greases accurately and without wasting a drop. That’s why ARO piston pumps are at the heart of the most vital systems.

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Adhesive and Sealant Applications

Adhesive and Sealant Applications

When your application deals with dispensing highly abrasive materials, you need a system with strength that lasts. Strength that only ARO piston pumps can deliver.

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2-Ball piston pumps are designed for uniform, consistent fluid delivery

Simply Versatile

2-ball pumps are among the most versatile in the ARO® line. They are capable of handling applications from simple transfer to the extrusion of low- to medium- viscosity materials up to 100,000 centipoise (cPs) with fluiddelivery up to 18.1 gpm (68.6 L/min). 

Applications advantages of 2-balls:

  • Spray: 2-ball pumps deliver the constant flow rate and pressure needed for consistent and efficient coatings applications
  • Transfer & Supply: Depending on the model, some 2-ball pumps can achieve flow rates up to 18.1 gpm, providing dependable results
  • Extrusion: 2-ball pumps generate pressure to handle extrusion of low-to medium-viscosity 
  • Lubrication:  ARO® 2-balls pumps provide the flow and pressure required for moving light oils and grease lubricants
  • High Pressure Cleaning: ARO® Wash Pump Packages are portable and offer the the right option for industrial cleaning applications

Materials advantages of 2-balls:

  • Sheer sensitive materials: ARO® 2-ball pumps minimize friction points to prevent fluid shear, when compared to other similar pumping technologies
  • Abrasive and high solid materials: ARO 2-ball pump minimize friction points and allow smooth passages to maintain fluid consistency
  • Optional ceramic coating provides an even
    stronger defense against highly abrasive fluids like paint and glass-filled sealer

4-Ball piston pumps are ideal solutions for higher volume and recirculation applications.

Simply Versatile

4-ball piston pumps are designed to transfer high volumes of low- and medium-viscosity fluids up to 12,500 cPs with fluid delivery up to 32.8 gpm (124.0 L/min), depending on the application.

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Applications advantages of 4-balls:

  • Transfer & Supply: 4-ball pumps are designed to move high volumes of fluids in order to minimize time spent filling or emptying large containers. The high flow rate is a result of double-acting pumping (draws material on the upstroke and downstroke) and is ideal for the large scale transfer of paints, chemicals, varnishes, enamels, lacquers and other low-to-medium viscosity fluids. 

Another common application: circulating fluid from the original container to the point of use, and then back.

Materials advantages of 4-balls:

  • Corrosive materials: ARO® 4-ball lower ends are constructed with stainless steel to maximize fluid compatibility with water based materials.
  • Abrasive materials: A ceramic coating on the plunger rod and cylinder tube come standard on ARO® 4-ball pumps, protecting from highly abrasive materials and extending the service life of these parts up to 2x.  

Chop-Check pumps are designed to move medium-to-high viscosity fluids in difficult applications. 

Simply Versatile

The heavy-hitters of the line, ARO® chop-check pumps are designed to move medium-to high- viscosity fluids ranging from 15,000 cPs to more than 1,000,000 cPs, and at delivery rates up to 12.2 gpm (46.3 L/min).

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Applications advantages of Chop-Check:

  • Extrusion: Chop-Check pumps are workhorses - able to deliver viscous adhesives, sealants, caulking and heavy lubricants to the application point at the desired pressure and flow rate. 
  • Transfer & Supply: Depending on the model, some Chop-Check pumps are capable of achieving flow rates up to 12.2 gpm, ensuring efficient transfer of heavy greases, inks and other viscous materials. 

Materials advantages of Chop-Checks:

Chop-Check pumps have a primer piston to ‘feed’ material into the pump. They are often used in conjunction with a follower plate to force material down. This prevents loss of prime due to Channeling - a condition where the pump inlet becomes surrounded by air due to the cavity formed when a high viscosity material does not level off when removed (Slumpability).

  • Stringy materials: Chop-Checks have mechanical, flat checks to over come materials that resist cut-off and adhereto themselves.
  • Tacky materials: Chop-Check pump options come in high ratios to generate the fluid pressure needed to move materials that will adhere to hoses and equipment while wet. 

Piston Pump Packages

Proper fluid management is about more than just a reliable pump–it requires a comprehensive system of integrated parts working together to enhance your productivity and output. To simplify the ordering process, ARO offers complete hydraulic & pneumatic piston pump packages that provide the right configuration of air motor, piston pump, mount, follow, controls, and down-stream accessories for your specific application. 


Authentic ARO Piston Pump Parts

An extensive array of piston pump parts and accessories are available through Authentic ARO Parts. Simple, cost-effective, and built directly by ARO these accessories offer a way to run your extrusion or finishing application with precise efficiency and accuracy.



Pump selection made simple

Whether your application requires a 2-ball, 4-ball, or chop-check piston pump, with ARO, you get a pump that’s better engineered, from the inside out. We offer design features and performance enhancements that ensure your pump is as durable and dependable as possible.

With an ARO piston pump, you can be assured of getting reliable equipment with the least amount of effort, calculation, or hassle on your part. There are basically four factors to take into consideration when selecting the right configuration for your application: 

Type of fluid
Viscosity or thickness
Required flow rate
Required output pressure

Knowing fluid viscosity and flow rates makes it easier to choose the right pump for your application. Not sure what size air motor or piston pump you need? No problem. You can find out by contacting ARO Technical Support and working directly with our expert pump consultants to be sure you get a motor and pump package that operates efficiently, reliably, and safely.

source: Ingersoll Rand® / ARO®