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Performance Under Pressure. Dispense Oils And Greases Accurately.

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As petroleum and synthetic based lubricants become more complex, they also become more expensive. ARO piston pumps deliver the precision needed to transfer grease and oil to your most critical machinery components while ensuring your lubricant application system is utilizing all of the lubricant in each container as well as avoid operating conditions that could cause any of the lubricant to be wasted during the application process.

ARO® has oil and grease pumps that deliver optimal performance and service life in lubricant applications. Giving your system an accurate and reliable pump helps reduce costs and maximize output. 

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At the heart of any application system, the piston pump is a key component to maintaining high output and avoiding expensive production downtime and on-site service headaches. Keep your system up and running; let our experts find the perfect pump configuration your specific application:

ARO Pumps Offer Proven Performance

ARO piston pumps deliver the power, adaptability, and dependability you need to keep things moving.

  • 6” stroke delivers greater displacement with less wear than 4” stroke pumps
  • Time-tested design that’s been proven for long-term use
  • Fewer moving parts lead to easier service and safer operation
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel construction, depending on application

Lubricant Application Systems

ARO piston pumps are the ideal solution for applications that use high-cost lubricants.

  • Mining/Construction Equipment
  • Vehicle Service
  • General Machinery
  • Transfer