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Adhesives and Piston Pumps


Selecting the Right Piston Pump for Optimal Performance and Service Life in Adhesive Applications .

A new range of high-strength industrial adhesives is now being used in the automotive field, and in other manufacturing operations, as a replacement for spot welding, mechanical fasteners, and other traditional joining methods. These adhesives, available in a wide variety of chemistries, such as methyl methacrylates, two-part epoxies, silicones (for sealants), and polysulfides, are often custom-formulated, based on the bonding requirements for a manufacturer’s specific application and material type.

New types of adhesives for automotive and industrial applications replace spot welding, rivets, and other fasteners, and provide labor and materials cost savings, reduced weight, and higher bond strength.
Matériaux abrasifs dans les adhésifs automobiles utilisés avec des pompes à piston

Adhesives offer several major advantages compared to conventional fastening techniques, including more uniform bond strength over a larger surface area, versus the localized strength points typically achieved with mechanical fastening. In the automotive field, new types of adhesives are being used in body panel assembly instead of spot welding, and in many other bonding applications, such as interiors, headliners, and subcomponent assemblies. In addition to labor savings, use of these new adhesives reduces vehicle weight—a major focus for vehicle manufacturers—while increasing overall panel rigidity for car bodies and providing higher bond reliability for other vehicle components.

When used for both automotive and general manufacturing purposes, these new industrial adhesives are applied using a wide variety of adhesive delivery systems. These range from fully robotic application systems — which rapidly apply a precise, consistently measured bead of adhesive to a workpiece, such as an unprimed body panel or windshield — to gun-based applicator systems used by plant workers to manually apply adhesives to panels and parts during production line assembly. To achieve a more consistent flow and bead of material during application, fluid regulators can be added downstream of the pump. This controls fluid pressure beyond the regulator, cutting fluid pressure to the desired level to ensure smooth delivery.

Matériaux abrasifs dans les adhésifs automobiles utilisés avec des pompes à piston
OEMs building new adhesive application systems must select and configure pumps and packages designed to match the properties of the specific adhesive being used by their customer.

For OEMs designing and building adhesive application systems for automotive and general manufacturing systems, the pump that moves the adhesive from its container through the lines and hoses to the applicator nozzle is the most critical component of any OEM system. A one- or two-post ram package, including a follower plate, may be needed to apply downward force to supply adhesive material to the pump. This downward force can be generated either by the weight of the follower plate itself or by air pressure applied to the ram. For thicker or heavier adhesives and sealants, a two-post ram can apply greater downward force than a single-post ram. Due to the challenging nature of the new types of adhesives and sealants being used for various applications, special care must be taken to select and configure a pump and ram package that is reliable, economical, and optimized for its specific application.

Superior Performance with Abrasive Materials

Designed to meet the demands of constant use in abrasive-heavy industries without wearing down, ARO piston pumps can be configured with materials of construction and packing materials that deliver superior resistance. 

  • Our Plunger rods and cylinder tubes feature the exclusive ARO® ceramic ultra-coating, extending service life up to twice as long and comes standard on all 4-ball pumps and available on all 2-ball pumps
  • Available in affordable high-grade stainless-steel construction
  • Electro-polished and passivated for material compatibility and corrosion-free operation
  • Eight packing options are available, including ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE), for even better material compatibility and maximum abrasion resistance
  • Chrome-plated stainless steel plungers for superior resistance to rust and corrosion

We work with you to developed highly-customized solutions that fit your unique needs, and find the ideal pump configuration to reduce your costs and optimize your output.

ARO Pumps Offer Proven Performance

ARO piston pumps deliver the power, adaptability, and dependability you need to keep things moving.

  • 6” stroke delivers greater displacement and less wear than 4” stroke pumps
  • Time-tested design that’s been proven for long-term use
  • Fewer moving parts lead to easier service and safer operation
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel construction, depending on application

Adhesive Application Systems

ARO piston pumps can meet the needs of the most challenging abrasive-bearing adhesive applications.

  • Automotive assembly
  • General manufacturing
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Solar Cell Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Window and Door Manufacturing

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