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PZ Series Diaphragm Pumps For Zone Zero & ATEX Areas

Certified for ATEX Zone 0 and Zone 20 requirements

ARO metallic air operated diaphragm pump models complywith Zone 0 for gases and Zone 20 for dusts requirements. Theyhave been approved by an independent lab for the most stringentATEX requirements.

ARO is the only leading global AODD manufacturer with thiscertification. Zone 0 / 20 pumps are the safest choice foron-the-edge applications where higher risk may appearunexpectedly.

Available Models and Port Sizes

  • PZ05X-XXX-XXX-B (1/2”)
  • PZ10X-XXX-XXX (1”)
  • PZ15X-XXX-XXX (1-1/2”)
  • PZ20X-XXX-XXX-B (2”)
  • PZ30X-XXX-XXX-C (3”)