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PPHU Ekohelp

PPHU Ekohelp is the official ARO distributor in your area. Serving Poland as the one stop shop for all of your pump needs. From air operated diaphragm pumps to electric diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, valves, cylinders and accessories, we have products and services to support your business. Get in contact with us today and find how ARO Distributor PPHU Ekohelp can support your business pump needs. Some of PPHU Ekohelp solutions include:


We provide:

  • Product sales and consultation
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Parts and accessories

Major Areas Served by PPHU Ekohelp


About Us

The main activity of PPHU Ekohelp is the distribution and servicing of pneumatic and electric pumps from well-known global manufacturers. The product range includes a variety of pumps, including diaphragm, piston, rotary (cam, screw, lobe, impeller and others), as well as pneumatic tools, air motors and chain hoists. The experience we have gained over many years of activity allows us to sell top-class industrial pumps, which are the answer to the needs of even the most demanding customers. Therefore, we recommend excellent pneumatic diaphragm and piston (plunger) pumps of ARO, as well as innovative EVO Series electric process pumps of ARO. Thanks to the fact that in addition to distribution we also provide professional service, working with us you can count on comprehensive support.

A large variety of assortment including pneumatic and electric pumps of various types: cam, worm, diaphragm, piston, etc., allows us to serve any industrial application. Offering pumps for cosmetics, pump sets for paints, pumps for fuels, tar, pumps for wastewater and any other media, we provide solutions for all industrial sectors, such as food, chemical, paper, tanning, printing, building materials or wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, etc... Our services are not only the distribution of electric pneumatic pumps, but also the professional advice and support of experienced Ekohelp staff in the selection of optimal solutions for hygienic and industrial applicationsThis allows us to provide products that meet the individual requirements of each customer.

Diaphragm, piston and rotary pumps are our specialty, in which we have excelled continuously for many years. That's why our experienced team also carries out repairs and maintenance procedures on this type of equipment. We provide efficient and professional servicing of pneumatic and electric pumps, as well as full flexibility in adapting to the needs of the customer. This is because we can carry out pump service both in our well-equipped workshop and at your company's headquarters.

We encourage you to get acquainted with the offered displacement pumps: pneumatic diaphragm and piston pumps, metering pumps, worm pumps, lobe pumps, cam pumps and impeller pumps. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us - we will be happy to provide comprehensive information.