Final assembly plant applications

Help you achieve reliable, high-precision glass coating, and accurate oil filling


ARO offers a complete glass application and oil filling solution for automotive assembly plants:

  • With many successful cases in automated glass application lines, we can provide you with a full range of glass application system solutions
  • ARO offers a robust line of pneumatic diaphragm and piston pumps for oil transfer and filling applications, with a wide range of configurations to help you find the best solution

Glue Types Vehicle Assembly

Typical adhesive type

System Options

Visual Inspection Systems

Bonding and sealing as a key production step, its quality is a very important indicator. The continuity of the glue during application, the glue pattern, the position, etc. all influence the final bonding and sealing performance. the ARO gluing system can be fitted with an automatic inspection device to monitor the quality of the gluing process.

  • Integrated with the ARO glue gun, it detects air bubbles, glue breaks, glue pattern and position.
  • Automatic detection, repair of glue breaks and automatic alarms in conjunction with automated production lines.
  • Standardized control module for easy commissioning with robots and automation equipment.

ARO Solution Center glue inspection
ARO Glue Nozzles

Customized nozzles

ARO custom nozzles can be tailored to meet your gluing application needs, meeting a wide range of customized requirements for strip size and strip shape.