Pulsation Dampeners

Amortiguadores de pulsación

Amortiguadores de pulsación

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  • Automatic Air Adjustment - compensates for fluctuations in fluid pressure without operator intervention
  • Significant Pulsation Reduction - Shock blockers deliver an average 60 - 80% pulsation reduction in high back pressure applications
  • Built for High-Flow / Aggressive Fluid Applications - the 2' models can handle up to 159 cubic inch maximum fluid volume
  • Broad Material Range for Compatibility - choose from PVDF
  • Broad Diaphragm / Bladder Fluid Compatibility - choose from Santoprene
  • Perfect for Process Applications - pulsation reduction in long piping runs help prevent costly fluid pipe and downstream valve damage
  • Bolted Construction - for leak-free vessel integrity and a safer work-site
  • Ultra-Rugged Construction for Long Service Life - both inside and out handling


  • SB10X-X-X1/2'
  • SB20X-X-X1½' & 2' Pumps
  • SB30X-X-X3' Pumps

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