Sierra 18 Body Ported

Sierra 18 Body Ported

Larger than its 15mm Sierra counterpart yet smaller than the Alpha valve, the Sierra 18 is the perfect fit for valve applications that require a compact, 4-way valve with plenty of options and features. The new Sierrra 18 valves are equally ideal where fast signal response with moderate flow is required.

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Overview & Features


  • 18mm Wide Body and 1/8" Ports Fill the Bill between Mini and Medium Flow Valves

    The new Sierra 18 valves are equally ideal where fast signal response (18ms avg.) with moderate flow (.5 Cv, 3-position, .7 Cv 2-position) is required.

  • 3-Position Spool Function Provides Wider Application Flexibility

    Sierra 18 offers 2 and 3-position spool configurations for a wide variety of applications: All ports blocked in center 
    Cylinder ports open to exhaust in center, supply blocked 
    Cylinder ports pressurized in center, exhaust ports blocked

  • Choose Between Body - Threaded or Manifold - Mounted:

    The Sierra 18 is a body-threaded valve that can be directly plumbed or manifold-mounted. Body style valves can also be mounted on low profile manifolds to increase design flexibility.

  • Solenoid Coils and Connectors Provide Quick, Clean Connections

    Coils are Class F rated for 100% duty cycle applications at 122-degrees F (50-degrees C). AC or DC coils can be interchanged on the same solenoid stem. Each Solenoid connector acts as its own junction box, with molded connectors and gaskets to protect electrical connections. Design meets NEMA-4 classifications.

  • One-Touch Manual Override (Standard):

    Sierra 18 contains a mechanical valve override that can be tool-adjusted to a locking (push and twist) position or non-locking function.