Sierra 15 Body Ported

Sierra 15 Body Ported

Superior flow capacity, an unrivaled array of "real-world" design features and options, a valve body that is both ultra-compact and lightweight - yet exceptionally durable - this is Sierra 15, the miniature valve with the maximum range.

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Product Information

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Overview & Features


Body Ported

  • 2-position single and double solenoid models.
  • Two wiring options: Lead Wire and Plug-In.
  • Available in 120V AC, 24V DC or 12 V DC.
  • One-Touch Manual Valve Override (Standard)

    Mechanical valve override is nonlocking spring return push with tool.

  • Wiring and Voltage Options

    Lead-Wire Style: Valve lead wires come stripped and preattached to the coil (NEMA 4). Plug-In Style: valves require a CSN Connector for quick, clean wire connect and disconnect. Plug-in lead wires come stripped standard. (NEMA 2). All models are available in either 120V AC, 24V DC. (12V DC Available on plug in only.)

  • Ultra-compact Valve Design

    At only 15 mm wide, Sierra 15 is the one compact valve that is going to fit your valve location requirements - with room to spare.

  • Durable Body Construction

    Sierras body features bar stock aluminum construction, producing a light weight, yet durable valve.

Manifold Options

  • Low Profile manifolds for use with body threaded valves are available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16-Station configurations.
  • Manifolds available with 1/8" NPT(F) ports. Sierra Valves and manifolds are sold separately.