1/8" Valve

1/8" Valve

Single valve flows 2.2 SCFM, Stacking valve flows 1.8 SCFM.

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Overview & Features


Valve Performance Features

  • CAT Series Valves are available as single station units, bar manifold or stackable.
  • CAT Series valves are suitable for air or inert gas.
  • Plugging the exhaust port allows single station valves to be plumbed as 2-way valves.
  • CAT Series valves are available with a variety of coil options.
  • Class F coils are rated for 100% duty cycle.

1/8" CAT Series Valve Benefits

  • Quick change coil can be easily interchanged or replaced. Simply remove the top nut, slide off the coil and replace it with a new coil.
  • The coil accepts DIN-style connectors, or automotive spade type connections. This helps reduce installation time and provides a secure electrical hook-up.
  • When mounted individually, the coil can be rotated to face one of four ways. As a stack, the coils can be mounted in two directions.
  • Coils are UL-listed and comply with CSA standards. UL fild #MH13513, CSA Fild #LR51090. NEMA 4 option available.