1/4" High Flow

1/4" High Flow

Flows 6.9 SCFM

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Overview & Features


Valve Performance Features 

  • CAT Series Valves are available as single station units or stackable.
  • CAT Series valves are suitable for air or inert gas.
  • Plugging the exhaust port allows single station valves to be plumbed as 2-way valves.
  • CAT Series valves are available with a variety of coil options.
  • Class F coils are rated for 100% duty cycle.

1/4" High Flow Cat Valves

  • High flow-Cats have the performance perks that made the CAT valve famous, plus increased flow capacity that enhances your actuator application options.
  • Increased flow.
  • Slightly enlarged base and 30mm coil allows high-flow 1/4" porting without compromising compact size.
  • One of the highest air flows available in a direct-acting, compact valve.
  • Powerful enough to drive cylinders, pumps, and other components.
  • Includes all of the CAT series features/benefits: quick-change coils, rotatable coils, compact size and good shift response.
  • Using the 119698-X tie-rod kit, up to seven high-flow CAT valves can be stacked together.