Elements are miniature diaphragm operated poppet valves designed to perform specific functions, this includes "Or", "And", "Not" , plus various "Memory" and "Delay" functions.

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Overview & Features



  • Symbols: Each element has a symbol based on the National Standard for diagramming moving part logic control
  • Mounting: Elements have 5/8" (15.9mm) bolt extensions. Mounting hardware and seals provided with each element
  • Test Ports: Many elements have 1/8" NPT ports connected to the "C" (output) port. These can be used as optional output ports, or as test ports
  • Port Identification: Letters cast into the cove and base of each element correspond to input and output designations


  • Indiviual Elements
  • Circuit Board Construction
  • Function Base Assembly Method
  • Back Tubulation Construction