Premair Round Compact

Premair Round Compact

Big Value in a Compact Package. Stainless steel tie bolts and aluminum spacers lock precision machined heads tightly around a high strength cylinder barrel. The extermely smooth, self-lubricating interior surface insures highly reliable performacne and extended seal life.

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Product Information

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Overview & Features

    Superior Piston Rod Bushing
    • Captive in cylinder head
    • Nonmetallic Duralon
    • Self Lubricating
    • Higher load bearing capacity
    • Lower coefficient of friction
    • No slip-stick
    Cylinder Barrel
    • Minimal heat build up
    • Highly impact resistant
    • Extremely smooth interior
    • Lighter weight
    • Double Acting, Single Rod
    • Double Acting, Double Rod
    • Single Acting, Spring Return
    • Single Acting, Spring Extend