PW Series

Fits your current Wilden or Versa-Matic pump configuration
60 GPM (227.1 LPM)

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Product Information

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Overview & Features

  • Dimensional Interchange - Fits Wilden® P4, M4 and T4 pumps or Versa-Matic® E4 pump configurations. The ARO PW Series offers a dimensional interchange solution to inefficient, leaking pumps.
  • Structural Integrity - Bolted Construction eliminates problems associated with leaking band-clamps and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Matching Footprint - The Ingersoll Rand / ARO PW10X-X EXP pump has the same footprint as the Wilden® P4, M4 and T4 pumps, plus the Versa-Matic® E4 pumps.
  • Stall-Free, Ice-Free Air Motor Design -The EXP air motor has exclusive Simul-Shift valve technology for faster pump trip-over and smoother flow. It also features Quick Dump valves; the final answer to pump stalling due to ice build-up.
  • Simplified Plumbing - The Ingersoll Rand / ARO PW10X-X EXP pump matches the fluid inlet / outlet port dimensions of the Wilden P4, M4 and T4 pumps, plus the Versa-matic E4 pumps.
Switch Your Pump to an Expert Series
  • Ingersoll Rand / ARO has made it as simple as possible for you to switch to the Expert Series (EXP) line of air operated double diaphragm pumps. If you presently use a models. Leave the stalling issues and leaking band-clamps behind. Switch to EXP and watch energy efficiency go up while downtime and repair costs go down.
Pump Casing Materials
  • Aluminum
Diaphragm Materials
  • Santoprene
  • Hytrel
  • Nitrile
  • PTFE w/ Santoprene backer
  • Viton Wilden® is a registered trademark of the Wilden Pump and Engineering Corporation Versa-Matic® is a registered trademark of the Versa-Matic Pump Company