Long Lasting PTFE Fluid Repair Kits

ARO® Long Lasting PTFE Diaphragms are a superior choice over conventional diaphragms

  • Proven 2 time increase in service life over standard PTFE*
  • Made with uniquely formulated PTFE that provides greater flex life
  • Same great chemical resistance as conventional PTFE
  • Seamless replacement for your existing PTFE diaphragms

*as measured by mean time between failure

Long Lasting PTFE Diaphragm

ARO engineering team is continuously evaluating advancements in material technology and apply it to our diaphragms. Over a six month side by side accelerated durability test, the Long-Life PTFE diaphragm demonstrated double the life over our current convectional PTFE baseline.

Available in Compact and EXP Series Pumps which feature:

  • Patented “Unstallable” unbalanced air valve design avoids stalling issues associated with other pumps.
  • “Quick-Dump” exhaust valves divert cold exhaust air from ice-prone components, preventing freezing.
  • Backed by a five-year warranty, we have the most reliable pump line on the market today.
  Pump Type Models Air Motor Section Fluid Section (PTFE Balls, Long-Life PTFE Diaphragms
1/2" Non-Metallic PD05P, PE05P 637428 637427-TL
Metallic PM05P 637141 637140-TL
PD05A, PD05R ,PE05A, PE05R 637428 637427-TL
3/4" Non-Metallic PD07P, PE07P 637428 637427-TL
Metallic PD07R, PE07R 637428 637427-TL
1" Non-Metallic PD10P, PE10P, PD10E, PE10E 637397 637396-TL
Metallic PD10A, PD10R, PD10S, PE10A, PE10R, PE10S, PM10A, PM10R, PM10S 637397 637401-TL
1 1/2" Non-Metallic PD15P, PE15P, PD15E, PE15E 637389 637391-TL
Metallic PD15A, PD15R, PD15S, PE15A, PE15R, PE15S, PM15A, PM15R, PM15S 637389 637375-TL
2" Non-Metallic PD20P, PE20P, PD20E, PE20E 637369 637373-TL
Metallic PD20R, PD20Y, PE20R, PE20Y, PM20R 637369 637309-TL
PD20A, PD20S, PE20A, PE20S, PM20S, PP20A 637421 637309-TL
PF20A 637421 637310-TL
3" Non-Metallic PD30P, PE30P 637369 637447-TL
Metallic PD30R, PE30R, PM30R 637369 637303-TL
PD30A, PD30S, PE30A, PE30S, PM30A, PM30S 637421 637303-TL

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