ARO Controller

ARO, a global leader in fluid management solutions, has developed a closed-loop controller that offers remote operating capabilities, requiring less operator oversight and a dispensing repeatability within 1%.

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Product Information

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Overview & Features

Migrate to a smart touch-and-walk-away system that helps optimize your costs and production time. The new ARO Controller creates a fully automated multi-pump system and works seamlessly with the ARO Electronic Interface pump. 


  • Closed loop system achieves dispensing repeatability within +/- 1%
  • Safe control and monitoring via remote operation
  • Multi-pump control for accurate two part batching processes
  • Controller accepts leak detection, liquid level sensing and proportional control
  • Remote triggers and alerts send operating data, can perform auto shut-down, and keep you up-to-date on maintenance needs
  • Seamless integration between the ARO® Controller and EXP Series Electronic Interface pumps

Markets & Applications

  • The ARO controller and electronic interface pumps are ideal for a wide array of applications such as batching, and container and tank fill in numerous markets.