AF1223 Series Pumps

AF1223X5 UV/EB Series 2-Ball Pumps & Packages

23:1 Ratio
12" Air Motor
18.1 GPM (68.6 LPM) Max Flow
Max Fluid: 2,070 psi



Available Models

Pump Model** Lower Pump Model Material Plunger Material Upper Packings Lower Packings Lower Pump Model Pump Service Kit
AF1223C51FF35 300 Series / CF8M Stainless Steel w/ Large Inlet 321 Stainless Steel w/Hard Chrome UHMW-PE UHMW-PE 67372-C6F 637444-C6D
AF1223C51FFP5 300 Series / CF8M Stainless Steel w/ Large Inlet 321 Stainless Steel w/Hard Chrome UHMW-PE UHMW-PE 67372-CEF 637444-CED

**Add “-1” to Model No. for Ball Valve Regulator

Simply Versatile

2-ball pumps are among the most versatile in the ARO® line. They are capable of handling applications from simple transfer to the extrusion of low- to medium- viscosity materials up to 100,000 centipoise (cPs) with fluid delivery up to 18.1 gpm (68.6 L/min).

Applications advantages of 2-balls:

Spray: 2-ball pumps deliver the constant flow rate and pressure needed for consistent and efficient coatings applications
Transfer & Supply: Depending on the model, some 2-ball pumps can achieve flow rates up to 18.1 gpm, providing dependable results
Extrusion: 2-ball pumps generate pressure to handle extrusion of low-to medium-viscosity
Lubrication: ARO® 2-balls pumps provide the flow and pressure required for moving light oils and grease lubricants
High Pressure Cleaning: ARO® Wash Pump Packages are portable and offer the the right option for industrial cleaning applications

Materials advantages of 2-balls:

  • Sheer sensitive materials: ARO® 2-ball pumps minimize friction points to prevent fluid shear, when compared to other similar pumping technologies
  • Abrasive and high solid materials: ARO 2-ball pump minimize friction points and allow smooth passages to maintain fluid consistency
  • Optional ceramic coating provides an even stronger defense against highly abrasive fluids like paint and glass-filled sealer


Ratio 23:1
Stroke 6” (15.24 )
Material Inlet 2” NPT(F)
Material Outlet 1-1/4” NPT(F)
Air Inlet (female) 3/4” NPT(F)
Air Inlet Pressure Range psi (bar) 30 - 90 (2.1 - 6.2)
Fluid Pressure Range psi (bar) 690 - 2070 (47.6 - 142.8)
Max Cycles/Minute 70.0
Displacement/Cycle cu in (cm3) 59.8 (979.9)
Cycles/gal (L) 3.9 (1.0)
Flow @ 60 Cycles gpm (L/min) 18.1 (68.6)
Noise Level @ 60 psi dBA 93.0
Weight* lb (kg) 140 (63.5)
Container Suitability Remote Mounting
61204X-X Series Pumps


A* in (mm) 53.52  (1256.26)
B in (mm) 30.44  (669.89)
C in (mm) 18.88   (376.2)

*For models without ball valve regulator subtract 2.08 in (52.83 mm)

UV Ink Pump Packages - 55 Gallon

Model No.  Package Type Pump Model  Ram/Lift Model Follower Follower Seal Description Material


55 Gallon Two Post Ram




Double-Lip, Polyurethane

Aluminum w/PTFE Coating


55 Gallon Two Post Ram




Double-Tube, EPR



Recommended Accessories

Low Level Cut-Off
Used to shut off air supply to pump when material container is empty or

Inline Flow Control
Helps set and maintain precise operating speeds in order to optimize pump performance

Cross Over Kit
Maintains fluid delivery in extrusion systems. Can activate alarm to alert maintenance to change empty fluid container.