AF0828 Series Pumps

AF0828B Series 2-Ball Piston Pumps & Packages

28:1 Ratio
8" Air Motor
6.27 GPM (23.7 LPM) Max Flow
Max Fluid: 3,360 psi



Available Models

Pump Model** Lower Pump Material Plunger Material Upper Packings Lower Packings Lower Pump Model Pump Service Kit
AF0828B11RK47 Carbon Steel Nickel Plated           17-4 Stainless Steel w/Hard Chrome Glass Filled PTFE/UHMW-PE (Staggered) Glass Filled PTFE 66475-R4D 637098-R43
AF0828G11RK47 Stainless Steel               17-4 Stainless Steel Glass Filled PTFE/UHMW-PE (Staggered) Glass Filled PTFE 2094G11RK47 K2094G11RK47

**Add “-1” to Model No. for Ball Valve Regulator

Simply Versatile

2-ball pumps are among the most versatile in the ARO® line. They are capable of handling applications from simple transfer to the extrusion of low- to medium- viscosity materials up to 100,000 centipoise (cPs) with fluid delivery up to 18.1 gpm (68.6 L/min).

Applications advantages of 2-balls:

Spray: 2-ball pumps deliver the constant flow rate and pressure needed for consistent and efficient coatings applications
Transfer & Supply: Depending on the model, some 2-ball pumps can achieve flow rates up to 18.1 gpm, providing dependable results
Extrusion: 2-ball pumps generate pressure to handle extrusion of low-to medium-viscosity
Lubrication: ARO® 2-balls pumps provide the flow and pressure required for moving light oils and grease lubricants
High Pressure Cleaning: ARO® Wash Pump Packages are portable and offer the the right option for industrial cleaning applications

Materials advantages of 2-balls:

  • Sheer sensitive materials: ARO® 2-ball pumps minimize friction points to prevent fluid shear, when compared to other similar pumping technologies
  • Abrasive and high solid materials: ARO 2-ball pump minimize friction points and allow smooth passages to maintain fluid consistency
  • Optional ceramic coating provides an even stronger defense against highly abrasive fluids like paint and glass-filled sealer


Ratio 28:1
Stroke 6” (15.24 cm)
Material Inlet 2” NPT(F)
Material Outlet 1” NPT (F)
Air Inlet (female) 1/2” NPT(F)
Air Inlet Pressure Range psi (bar) 30 - 120 (2.1 - 8.3)
Fluid Pressure Range psi (bar) 840 - 3360 (57.9 - 231.7)
Max Cycles/Minute 70.0
Displacement/Cycle cu in (cm3) 20.7 (338.65)
Cycles/gal (L) 11.2 (42.34)
Flow @ 60 Cycles gpm (L/min) 6.27 (23.7) (@70 Cycles)
Noise Level @ 60 psi dBA 86.8
Weight* lb (kg) 113 (51.3)
Container Suitability Remote Mounting
AF0828B Fluid Curve


A* in (mm) 50.24  (1276.15)
B in (mm) 27.19  (690.58)
C in (mm) 16.06  (408.00)

For models without ball valve regulator subtract 2.08 in (52.83 mm)