Hydraulic Pump Motor Repair Kits

Air Section Service Kits contain all the parts necessary to perform routine maintenance on your ARO piston pump air motor

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Overview & Features


  • ARO OEM Service Kits feature the highest quality materials and workmanship


  • Part Number 637315
    0.2:1 Ratio, Hydraulic Motor, 4-ball Lower End
    0.3:1 Ratio, 386 psi (max), 4-ball
    0.58:1 Ratio, 2,040 psi (max), 2-ball
    0.8:1 Ratio, 4.125” 2, 2-ball
    1.2:1 Ratio, 4.125” 2, Chop Check
    2:1 Ratio, 2.062” 2, Chop Check
    3.3:1 Ratio, 2.062” 2, 2-ball
    3.6:1 Ratio, 2.062” 2, Chop Check