Air-operated pumps maintenance checklist

Air operated double diaphragm pump, or AODD pump, is a powerful pump that can effectively handle fluid flow without electrical power. Various industries, like chemical processing, wastewater management, oil and gas, mining, etc., rely on these pumps due to their simplicity and ability to handle aggressive fluids in rugged environments.

Proper AODD pump maintenance ensures the facility's continuous operation and worker safety. This article gives you a quick-to-follow 5-pointer air-operated double diaphragm pump maintenance checklist.


What does a typical maintenance plan include?

  • Periodic diaphragm examination for wear and replacement when needed: Keep track of strokes with a stroke counter between each diaphragm replacement.
  • Check the pump’s hardware tightness to prevent leaks and seal damage: Pump hardware loosens with temperature fluctuations and vibrations over time. The operation manual provides the right hardware torque. However, make sure to avoid hardware tightening under pressure.


5 Pointer AODD Pump Maintenance Checklist

  1. Maintain clean airflow

    As the name suggests, an air-operated double diaphragm pump functions with compressed air. Unclean air entering the pump can cause severe damage to the air distribution system (ADS).

    If you want to ensure a longer lifespan of your AODD pump, install a regulator unit or air filter unit. It can keep the wet air and contaminated air with particles out of your pump. Clean the air filter on a timely basis to keep it functioning well.

  2. Keep the air pressure steady

    Maintaining the right and steady air pressure can ensure your AODD pump works at full capacity. If the air pressure is higher, the AODD pump can pump faster than it should. This can cause inefficiency in operations, quick wear of the pump parts, and premature failure.

    Your regulator unit or the air filter can maintain your pump pressure. This ensures clean and complete strokes, with all the fluid getting enough time to enter and exit fluid chambers.

  3. Routine inspections

    Due to their durability, AODD pumps are used in some of the harshest environments. However, build-up in pump lines is common in some industries, such as wastewater treatment and mining.

    Schedule routine inspections and maintenance to ensure clean lines and efficient operations. Depending on the hours your AODD pump runs, you can schedule these regularly, either weekly, monthly, or annually. If you keep an eye on the discharge flow rate, you’ll know if there’s a change in efficiency. If there is, it's a marker of the need for your AODD pump maintenance.

  4. Check for fluid leaks

    Fluid spills can be a lot of work at any facility. Depending on the magnitude of the spill, the cleanup cost can be high. Plus, big spills often mean a lot of downtime, safety hazards for the staff, and a huge revenue loss.

    Fluid leaks can be avoided with timely checks. However, when one occurs, quick action is a must. Make sure to keep an eye on the seals, connections, and flanges of your AODD pump. Also consider electronic leak detectors to alert your staff in time in case of any leaks.

  5. Listen for vibrations or unusual noise

    If you're willing to listen, your AODD pump may convey early signs of wear and tear or impending breakdown. Any unusual vibrations and noises might mean a problem in the system. This could call for a check for issues with alignment, bearings, or other pump parts.

    Check potential problem factors and call for maintenance to address the right corrective action.


Trust ARO for your Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

One of the major things to do to ensure the long-term efficiency of your AODD pump is to choose wisely among the sea of air-operated double diaphragm pump manufacturers. The right pump manufacturer offers AODD pump specifications that match your application needs and are compatible with your fluid. They also offer round-the-clock AODD pump maintenance and support to ensure your operations never face glitches and downtime.

ARO’s ATEX-certified air-operated double diaphragm pumps are reliable solutions for transferring diverse fluids, be they clean with light viscosity or liquid with particles of medium viscosity. The ARO double diaphragm pump ensures maximum efficiency without damage or running dry. In addition to durability, ARO AODD pumps come in a wide variety to suit the needs of different industries. For example, hydrochloric acid transfer pumps have non-corrosive metal or plastic diaphragm pump casings to handle abrasive fluids. Lastly, ARO offers unbeatable AODD pump maintenance, training, spares, and support services as a commitment to ensure clients don’t face operational disruptions.