Piston Pump Motor Techologies

AFX™ reliability features:


Progressive Exhaust™ Parabolic valve geometry and cascading expansion chambers practically eliminate variability in pump performance caused by changing environmental conditions and icing.


True Link Valve™ Our pulse profile is virtually undetectable. Highly polished ceramic valve plates and PTFE-filled acetal valve components are directly linked to the drive piston, creating an industry-leading changeover time of less than one-tenth of a second. There are no springs to fail or consume energy. Patent pending.


Fiber-wound, conductive composite cylinder has superior seal wear created by the epoxy surface; metal cylinders can seize with piston if seal failure occurs.


Lubrication-free operation saves you the cost of lubricating your pump.


6'' stroke results in improved performance for your process with high displacement per stroke, improved pulse profile, and reliability due to fewer switch-overs per cycle.

AFX™ designed simplicity features:


Universal valve block reduces downtime since it’s easily serviced and interchangeable between all motor sizes.


Universal lower end pump connection permits interchangeability between various sized air motors and pump ratios — you may upgrade the motor
without buying a new pump.


Compact design makes it easier to incorporate our pumps into OEM equipment.


Actuation control ports provide access for pneumatic logic signal controls. Patent pending.

AFX™ safety features:


Groundability provides safe operation where static charge build-up and sparking is a concern. Our groundable pumps are ATEX-compliant.


Optional integrated ball valve regulator enhances safety by enabling air pressure to be set using a regulator, to be checked visually by reading the gauge, and to be dumped manually; also completely eliminates need for installation and expense of extra plumbing, regulators, or valves. Patent pending.

Hydraulic motors also available for select models.


N-Series / Thunder Series Motors

ARO® N-Series/Thunder Series motors deliver industrial strength and performance in a small, compact pump and package configurations. Offered in 2" and 3" sizes, these motors are the perfect choice for lubrication and light-industrial applications when paired with a lower pump end. With ratios ranging from 2:1 to 50:1, the ARO N-Series/ Thunder Series pumps are versatile enough to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

Features and benefits

  • Motor’s patented design improves flow, reduces pulsation, and extends service life
  • Offers simple self-service maintenance due to advanced design with 50% fewer parts
  • Motor has only 3 moving parts
  • Reduces service time, due to in-line service design with no special tools required
  • Features stall-free, ice-free air motor with tough, durable housing
  • Lubrication-free operation
  • Intergrated muffler design reduces noise levels
  • Unbalanced air valves promote consistent operation and performance
  • 3" stroke length
  • Cycle-count options available on select models