ARO® @ FEIMEC 2018 in São Paulo


April 24-27, 2018
Sao Paulo Expo - Vila Água Funda
São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil


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ARO ®, a global manufacturer of products for the management of fluids in industrial operations and a brand of Ingersoll Rand®, will showcase a variety of pumping solutions, ranging from air operated diaphragm pumps to piston pumps, and filters, regulators and lubricators (FRLs), at FEIMEC 2018 in São Paulo.

With a legacy of premier product performance and service excellence that has lasted more than 85 years, the fluid intelligence experts at ARO develop pumping solutions for customers in the manufacturing, construction, mining, chemical and marine sectors, among others. The quality and performance of these solutions is strengthened by ARO’s global network of experienced service professionals available to support customer product and application needs.



FEIMEC is an initiative of ABIMAQ, the Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association, representing nearly 7,800 companies from a wide range of equipments segments.

FEIMEC 2016 edition showcased more than 500 brands from top domestic and international exhibitors, including the leading manufacturing suppliers of diverse segments of the capital goods industry and more than 33,000 visitors from Brazil and other 22 countries.

Our Products

NEW! EXP Series 3" Non-Metallic Diaphragm Pump: ARO® EXP Series diaphragm pumps now include new 3” non-metallic models available in polypropylene or PVDF. The NEW 3” non-metallic models are reliable, efficient and offer a lower Total Cost of Ownership that has made ARO® a leading brand in the pumping industry. With flows rates up to 270 gpm (1,022 lpm) our 3” non-metallic models can meet or exceed your application requirements.

Piston Pumps for Adhesive and Sealant Applications: New types of adhesives for automotive and industrial applications replace spot welding, rivets, and other fasteners, and provide labor and materials cost savings, reduced weight, and higher bond strength. Learn How ARO® Piston Pumps can optimize performance and service life in adhesive applications.

ARO® Controller and EXP Pumps  are ideal for a wide array of applications such as batching and filling containers and tanks in numerous markets.

All EXP Series pumps are enhanced with electronic interface capability, providing accurate, electronically controlled dosing. Combine our pump with the ARO® Controller and switch from inaccurate, inefficient manual processes to intelligent fluid management.

FDA Single Piece Diaphragm Pumps deliver safety and quality, as well as industry leading total cost of ownership. They combine the rugged reliability of our Expert Series (EXP) pump design with the capacity to handle high volume transfer, enabling you to produce more of what your customers want – Good times, great food and great memories.

ARO® Powder Pump transfers and handles your dry process powders faster, cleaner and at a fraction of the cost associated with installed “systems.” Consistent trouble-free transfer of powders up to 45-lbs. per cubic foot (721 kgs. per cubic meter) dry-weight, such as carbon black, expanded mica, silicones, acrylic resins, 3D printing powders and pharmaceuticals

ARO® Filters Regulators & Lubricators (FRLs)Clean air is a key ingredient that enables effective and efficient operation of tools, equipment, and machinery in almost every industry. As such, the use of air preparation devices, such as filters, regulators, and lubricators (FRLs) is an excellent means of keeping your air supply in top condition, as well as enabling your tools and equipment to operate at their peak performance.

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