ARO® Launches New Animation Experience App

Today, the fluid intelligence experts at ARO® announce the launch of the ARO® Product Park app which showcases air-operated diaphragm and piston pumps in a new way. The app allows users to view ARO® pumps in detailed operation and get inside a pump via its unique “see-through” mode. Users can also select parts to access information including part numbers and associated material. This new app provides users with an animated experience of ARO® products and continues ARO®’s legacy as the global leader in fluid intelligence.

“ARO® prides itself on fluid intelligence, and we’re continually striving to deliver world-leading experiences to our customers,” said Global Marketing Leader, Liz Cope. “The ARO® Product Park app, with online and offline capabilities, almost allows users to ‘be the fluid,’ as well as access valuable product information in the office or on the factory floor.”

ARO® Product Park includes seven product animations and is available on all major devices and desktops through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, ARO® Partner Portal and with desktop versions coming soon.


Animations include:

  • PP30A 3” Powder Diaphragm Pump
  • PF20R 2” Flap Valve Diaphragm Pump
  • PD20X 2” EXP Metallic Diaphragm Pump
  • AF1223 2-Ball Piston Pump
  • AF0805 4-Ball Piston Pump
  • AF1230 Chop-Check Piston Pump
  • TP0623S5 55G Two-Post Ram Package

Developed internally by Team Zero from Ingersoll Rand, and led by ARO® Digital Marketing Specialist, Tony Cleeton, ARO® Product Park achieves what no other manufacturer in the industry has accomplished – the ability to experience fluid movement virtually.

“The ARO® Product Park opens up new avenues in the digital space to help provide unique tools to everyone from end users, to customer service to sales,” said Digital Marketing Specialist, Tony Cleeton. “Alongside Team Zero, ARO® has laid the digital foundation that allows us to build and utilize existing work in exciting new ways ranging from detailed cut-out views to full-on virtual reality experiences.”

Visit to download the app. Let us know what you think by leaving a review!