2" Powder Pump Case Study for Food & Beverage Industry

ARO dry powder transfer pump rises to the challenge for a large bakery company in Mexico

A large bakery company in Mexico recently contacted ARO in search of reliable pumps to transfer cornmeal from bags to chutes.

Their vacuum pump system required frequent, expensive maintenance and presented a potential hazard due to overheating. Could the ARO powder pump handle such a big, dusty job?

The Problem

Vacuum pumps are commonly used in the commercial baking process, but they are very sensitive to overload. Buildup in the filters causes the pumps to overheat, resulting in frequent downtime and wasted raw materials. Plus, maintenance and replacement of the vacuum pump system is expensive.

The bakery company was ready for a new solution. They reached out to a local ARO distributor to try our powder pumps.

cornmeal chute for dry powder transfer at large bakery company

The Solution

The ARO 2" powder pump was able to transfer more than 120 kg (nearly 265 lbs) of cornmeal within 10 minutes!

Not only did the ARO pump outperform the vacuum pump, the savings were obvious. Two ARO powder pumps cost less than the entire vacuum pump system and mechanical gear systems previously installed.

More advantages for the bakery company included:

  • pneumatic technology, which won't overheat like electrical components
  • "plug and play" installation
  • easy maintenance
  • ATEX certified equipment to ensure safety in a dusty atmosphere
  • no filters required
  • high flow in a compact pump
  • 3" powder pump model available when even bigger flow rates are required
  • little to no downtime
  • replacement parts readily available at a distributor's warehouse

The bakery company had prior experience with ARO and Ingersoll Rand products. Pump operators said they knew they could trust ARO to solve mission critical fluid handling problems for their business.

ARO dry powder transfer pump installation at large bakery company