Pirate Parts: The Risky Reality

Inauthentic parts create safety risks and jeopardize your ARO® warranty

ARO® pumps are so popular and well established in the market that it has become attractive for some competitors to build and resell "pirate parts" for our pumps. The user of the pump might think he is making a good decision based on what manufacturers of these knock-off parts are saying:

"Pirates Parts are less expensive than genuine ARO® parts!”

"Pirate Parts are identical to genuine ARO® parts and fit your pumps!"

"The performance will match the original genuine part from ARO®!"


The Risky Reality

The main concern with non-genuine parts is by far safety.

We invest a lot of money to test our products and to design safe pump technologies. Every ARO® pump benefits from these innovations and from our commitment to safety.

Our pump is a critical element in your process.

Misuse, faulty installation or maintenance, negligence or the use of inauthentic ARO® parts could lead to substantial losses of productivity due to unexpected failures, and may even cause accidents and injuries.

Counterfeit parts for ARO products

Safety and Warranty

Using pirate parts may conflict with regional directives, such as directive 2009/104/EC which states that, "for use of work equipment transposed in all EU member states, the employer shall keep the work equipment compliant."

The use of anything other than genuine replacement parts or the use of equipment outside the specifications set by the operator’s and safety manual may result in safety hazards, decreased product performance, and increased maintenance.

In addition, it may invalidate all warranties. Per the Ingersoll Rand® Warranty and Procedures Manual, service centers can reject warranty repair or product replacement for equipment that contains non-genuine Ingersoll Rand® and/or ARO® parts.

Please note that repairs should be made only by authorized trained personnel. 


Our diaphragms have been tested for better flexibility and high longevity. The same is true as well for our seats, ball and O-rings.

Our thoroughness and dedication contributes to the high performance of ARO® pumps, as well as their quality, safety and energy savings.

Inauthentic ARO® parts could dramatically impact the quality and performance of our pumps, increasing operation costs, downtime and maintenance expenses.

The financial damages from lost productivity and safety could eventually surpass any incremental savings from pirate parts.

Pirate Parts

Competitive Pirate Kits Are Not the Same

Competitive pressures drive some companies to buy parts based solely on price.

The cheaper pirate parts may look identical, but they are not! The contents of an inauthentic kit differ from a genuine ARO kit in multiple ways:

  • Quality: In order to minimize downtime, we invest heavily in our processes to provide aftermarket parts and kits of the best quality and consistency. Meanwhile, the O-rings supplied in the pirate aftermarket kit in this picture are of the wrong size for this pump model.
  • Content: Complete Ingersoll Rand® / ARO service kits are set up for your piece of mind. Pirate kits often contain the absolute minimum. 
  • No operator’s manual
  • Limited number of parts
  • May contain wrong parts
  • No non-convoluted diaphragms
  • Different elastomer grade than ARO parts (different color and shine), which can lead to decreased flex life, chemical compatibility and air consumption
  • Different convolution curve, tolerances and overall geometry, which result in poor fit and reduced reliability and flex life
  • Thinner diaphragms, likely shortening service life

Pirate Parts: A Bad Business Decision

For the user of the pump, pirate parts can result in downtime, process failures and higher running costs, or even lead to accidents or injuries.

For your own peace of mind, make sure you buy authentic ARO parts.

The use of genuine ARO parts will provide the safest and most reliable operation of your pump. We ensure that our pumps and parts are manufactured to the highest quality and safety levels.

Pirate Parts