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E Series Pneumatic Valves

1/4" NPT ports with flow of 26 SCFM.


  • 3-Way & 4-Way Valves
  • Several Styles and Options

3-Way or 4-Way Configurations. 2-and 3-position configurations.

Numerous Actuator Styles

  • Manual

Hand Lever, Palm Button, Pedal, Treadle

  • Mechanical

Cam Stem, Roller Cam

  • Electric

Single Solenoid, Double Solenoid

  • Pneumatic

Pilot, Bleed

Many Performance Features

  • Buna-N spool seals are standard. Viton Seals are available for high temperature applications. Consult the factory for ordering information.
  • The E Series Valve has a low profile. An extruded aluminum body provides excellent durability and lighter weight.
  • An External Solenoid Supply Port allows service in low pressure applications. This requires a #116153 plug Kit.

Solenoid Override

  • Manual locking override is standard on solenoid models. Turn override to operate.
  • Solenoid override is a convenient means to set-up and trouble shoot circuits. Air pressure at the solenoid exhaust will also override the solenoid.


  • Coils are UL and CSA Listed (Files: UL #MH13513; CSA #LR51090).

CAD Model