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H Series Pneumatic Valves


  • Port Sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
  • H-Series Valves feature high-flow and fast response.
  • Numerous Styles and Options.
  • 3-Way and 4-Way 2-position Poppet Valves.
  • Several Actuator Styles.
  • Override is not available with "H" Series Valves.
  • Electric 3-Way Single Solenoid, 4-Way Solenoid/ Internal Pilot, 4-Way Double Solenoid
  • Pneumatic 3-Way Pilot/Spring, 4-Way Double Pilot, 4-Way Manual Bleed, 4-Way Pilot/Internal Pilot

Comprehensive Valve Design

  • 1. Durable Valve Body

Valve body is die-cast Zinc, with a zinc chromate coating for added corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

  • 2. Superior Performance

Large, unrestricted air passages produce high flow and fast response times.

  • 3. Superior Design

3-Way valves feature a single poppet. 4-Way valves have two simultaneously driven poppets to provide the 4-way function.