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1" EVO Series Metallic Electric Diaphragm Pump

Available in aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron for aggressive chemicals or high temperature fluids


Pump Types: Standard Duty or Hazardous Duty

Maximum Flow Rate (flood inlet): 54 GPM (204 l/min)

Displacement Per Cycle: 0.25 gallons (0.95 liters)

Inlet Pressure: 60 psi (4.1 bar)

Maximum Average Working Pressure: 120 PSIG (8.3 bar)

Fluid Ports (inlet/outlet): ANSI / DIN Hybrid flange

Maximum Particle Size: 1/8” diameter (3.3 mm)

Wet Suction Lift: 29 ft (8.8 m)

Dry Suction Lift: 14 ft (4.3 m)

Maximum Deadhead Pressure: 180 PSIG (12.4 bar)




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