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50 Series Pneumatic Valves

Manual/Mechanical/Pilot 3 & 4-Way Valves 1/8" Ports


  • Numerous styles and options available, including 3-way or 4-way valve configurations
  • Six actuator styles: hand lever actuator, palm button actuator, roller cam actuator, cam stem actuator, pilot actuator or manual bleed actuator.
  • Compact size provides greater design flexibility
  • Perfect for low to moderate flow applications requiring manual or mechanical valve operation

Comprehensive Valve Design

  • Aluminum Body - 50 Series valves feature an extruded aluminum body for less porosity, greater durability and lighter weight.
  • Body Threaded Ports - Port threads are 1/8" NPTF.
  • Sturdy Valve Spools - Spools are steel on mechanical actuated valves and manually actuated valves. Pilot actuator valves and bleed actuator valves feature aluminum spools.
  • Buna N Seals - Standard spool seals are Buna N. Viton seals are available. Contact ARO for ordering information.
  • Flow - 16 SCFM


CAD Model