Ingersoll Rand's ARO two-component dosing system is launched to enable automated glue application with precision

Ingersoll Rand ARO's new two-component dosing system is released to enable automated glue application with precision.

Ingersoll Rand ARO has released a new two-component dosing cylinder glue application system, with a variety of standardized product configurations to cover the needs of two-component automated glue application in the fields of power battery, auto body and auto parts. We are committed to providing innovative, accurate and reliable standardized product lines and solutions for automated gluing applications.

In recent years, with the development of automotive technology and low-carbon environmental protection requirements, "intelligence" and "light weight" have become two important keywords for the sustainable development of the automotive industry. The use of adhesives in the production of automobiles has been increasing year by year, and the automated adhesive coating technology plays an important role in the production process of automobiles, effectively helping to improve the production process and production efficiency. At the same time, with the vigorous development of new energy vehicles, as the "heart" of new energy vehicles, the power battery has ushered in continuous technological innovation, promoting the development and popularity of new energy vehicles. In the production process of this core component, adhesives have a very wide range of applications, so the application of automated glue application in the field of power batteries has also ushered in an explosive period.

The two-component coating process has a shorter curing time compared to the single-component coating process, which is an important way to improve the production quality and production efficiency. But the two-component glue coating process on the performance of the glue coating equipment correspondingly also put forward higher requirements, two-component glue in the proportion of A agent and B agent ratio requirements, AB glue out of the glue precision must be accurate enough to do when mixing precision control, in order to accurately meet the process requirements.

Features of ARO two-component quantitative cylinder glue application system.

High precision quantification and proportioning: The high precision quantification cylinder system driven by servo motor can achieve a repeat accuracy of ≤ ±1%. Stable mixing and proportioning accuracy, with independent metering of A and B agents and adjustable proportioning ratio.

Long life dispensing valve: equipped with high performance long life dispensing valve and ARO custom dispensing nozzle to meet your various dispensing type requirements.

Closed-loop pressure stabilization system: ensures stable pressure during system operation to guarantee glue dispensing accuracy and glue pattern aesthetics.

Friendly visual operation interface: with visual human-machine interface, the operation is more friendly, which can easily realize the parameter control of gluing process and convenient gluing data upload.

Special design for unfriendly fillers: special seal design for corrosive and abrasive fillers to guarantee equipment life under severe operating conditions.

Fitted with online inspection device: the system can be extended with online inspection functions for automated glue type and glue application quality monitoring.

ARO two-component glue application system has achieved many successful cases in automotive manufacturing, power battery and home appliance industries, and has won the trust of customers with its high precision metering and proportioning performance, stable and reliable service life and customized solutions and service capability for different glues and application scenarios.

Typical application scenarios.

Auto body & tailgate automatic gluing application.

Power battery PACK structural adhesive & thermal conductive adhesive coating application.

Auto parts industry two-component automatic glue application.

The new generation of ARO standard two-component quantitative cylinder glue application system will continue to bring innovative automated glue application solutions to customers, to precisely empower automated glue application and help more customers to improve production quality and production efficiency.

If you would like to know more, please contact us at 400-012-1268 customer service hotline.

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