FRLs Air and Fluid Regulators
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With Authentic ARO Parts, you have access to a variety of accessories and replacement parts to enable greater customization and flexibility for your application, while maintaining the peace-of-mind that comes with parts built exactly by ARO. Lockout valves, check valves, mounting brackets, manifolds, soft start valves, gauges, and pipe adapters are available in several sizes and configurations to fit your needs.

Product Information


  • Filters - IR/ARO air filters are designed to remove solid and liquid airborne contaminants that can plug small orifices and hinder performance, or cause excessive wear and premature equipment failure.
  • Regulators - IR/ARO air line regulators provide controlled consistent air pressure as required for specific pneumatic equipment connected to the air system.
  • Lubricators- IR/ARO fog-type lubricators help ensure that pneumatic devices recieve the required lubrication to maintain operationg performance, reduce wear, and prolong service life.
  • Air Preparation - The compact design of IR/ARO FRLs saves space and provides more design flexibility than larger drying systems. Set-up time and piping costs are also reduced thanks to the use of common outlets.
  • Mounting Flexibility - IR/ARO FRLs offer greater mounting flexibility thanks to their modular design. Modular clamps allow the lines on individual units to be removed without disturbing the inlet piping. Each FRL has threaded ports to allow use of pipe nipples, as well as modular configurations to meet various piping needs. T-type wall mounting brackets provide excellent wall-to-unit clearance for filter bowl removal and regulator adjustment.
  • Safety - Safety is a top priority and that's why we provide lock-out valves designed to attach to the inlet of the FRL system. These valves meet OSHA regulations, and protect the operator from injury caused by unexpected start-up of a machine during service or maintenance.

Module/Air 1000™ F/R/L

  • C28121-800 Filter/Regulator/Lubricator
  • P29122-600 Filter/Regulator

Module/Air 2000™ F/R/L

  • C28241-810 Filter/Regulator/Lubricator
  • P29241-610 Filter/Regulator

Heavy Duty F/R/L

  • 28353 Filter/Regulator/Lubricator

F/R/L Assembly Kits

  • 651729 Kit Assembly
  • 651730 Kit Assembly
  • 65940 Kit Assembly

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