How To Choose An Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Manufacturer

An air-operated double diaphragm pump (AODD) contains flexible diaphragms that oscillate back and forth, creating a temporary chamber that pulls and pushes fluid into and out of the pump. The diaphragms function as a partition, keeping the liquid and air apart. Positive displacement, which drives the fluid transfer process using compressed air, is the foundation of the operation of the AODD pump.

Numerous industries use AODD pumps. ARO is the global leading manufacturer of AODD. It offers AODD pump applications to numerous industrial sectors, such as:

  1. Chemical Processing: Where AODD pumps are used to transfer aggressive chemicals, as ARO AODD pumps offer chemical resistance.
  2. Water Treatment: Sludge and other semi-solid waste management particles may be handled with AODD pumps.
  3. Food and Beverage: The F&B sector employs AODD pumps to transfer food-grade materials since they provide a fully sanitary design.
  4. Medicinal goods: AODD pumps are also excellent for these kinds of medicines.
  5. They are a great choice for gentle handling of sensitive fluids.
  6. Manufacturing: Lastly, ARO double diaphragm pumps are commonly used for material transfer in the varying production lines.

It’s important to pay careful attention to who’s your AODD pump manufacturer. There may be various AODD pump manufacturers around the world, but not all may suit your needs. Let’s see how to pick your AODD pump supplier and what makes ARO one of the top air-operated double diaphragm pump manufacturers in the world.

Why care about choosing the right AODD pump manufacturers?

  • Quality and Reliability

You can’t compromise on quality. And the materials used to build your AODD pump determines how durable and safe it is in your relevant setting. Choosing a reliable partner will ensure the longevity of your AODD pump; hence, promising a worthy investment. Good quality also promises consistent efficiency, considerably increasing production and decreasing downtime.

  • Compatibility

Not all AODD pumps are made the same. The AODD pump comes in various materials and designs, depending on what fluids will be pumped and their affinity to cause chemical reaction. Choose a manufacturer that offers different options in AODD pump specifications. For example, ARO offers a range of acid transfer pumps, including a pp pump for acid transfer, hydrochloric acid transfer pumps, and sulfuric acid transfer pumps.

  • Support and Service

What happens once you buy a pump and there’s some operational glitch? If you don’t want your investment to go to waste, choose one of the AODD manufacturers with after-sales services. ARO offers AODD pump maintenance, training, spares, and support, which are important to ensure clients don’t face operational disruptions.

  • Certifications

Depending on your location and industry, certain standards and certifications are required to maintain compliance with laws. For instance, the ATEX certification is required for explosive settings and is vital to safety and operational performance. ARO's AODD pumps are designed to include safety measures. For example, their pneumatic double diaphragm pump improves safety in explosive environments, and most versions are ATEX-certified.

  • Innovation and Efficiency

Leading AODD pump manufacturers, such as ARO, regularly spend on research and development. They seek to add value to the AODD pump prices by implementing efficient, energy-saving, or creative pumping solutions.

How do you pick your AODD pump manufacturer?

If you want to pick a good AODD pump manufacturer, you first need to figure out the unique requirements of your business. To do so, take these actions:


Step 1: Decide the kind of material used with the AODD pump

Manufacturers of AODD pumps provide pumps suitable for a diverse array of uses.
AODD pump manufacturers provide pumps for a wide range of applications. AODD pumps can be made of several materials, including metallic and non-metallic types, to suit fluids and different environments. Some acid transfer pump manufacturers build pumps that can handle corrosive, abrasive, and hazardous liquids, while others offer only pumps designed to handle food products or slurries.

When selecting an AODD pump manufacturer, consider the fluid the pump will handle and its exact application requirements. To avoid corrosion or degradation, you must select a pump whose material construction is compatible with the fluids you are using.

ARO double diaphragm pumps come in a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, polypropylene, and aluminum. ARO AODD pumps can handle fluid types with different viscosities, too.

You can check out all the different metallic and non-metallic air-operated double diaphragm pumps fit for different applications, such as:

  1. EXP Series for chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and wastewater treatment
  2. Pro Series for general industrial applications
  3. Sanitary pumps for the food and beverage industry
  4. Specialty pumps for customized needs


Step 2: List down needed pump specifications and features

Once you know the fluid you’ll transfer and understand its compatibility need, figure out pump’s specifications to match you:

  1. Size requirement
  2. Flow rate requirement
  3. Pressure requirements
  4. System requirements

Features like modifiable porting options or exterior air valves make it easy to maintain and can also be part of your selection.

ARO double diaphragm pump comes with a patented unbalanced air valve design. It helps to keep icing issues to a minimum and promises a reliable, stall-free operation.


Step 3: Look at the AODD Pump’s durability and reliability of the manufacturer

Look for AODD pump manufacturers that are known in the market for durability and reliability. A good reputation promises good products.

ARO AODD pumps are known for their expertly engineered design. The company’s products have proven durability and reliability in demanding industrial environments.


Step 4: Compare cost and services

Finally, an AODD pump will be an investment of your company. Compare AODD pump prices from various manufacturers. Don't select a company only because they are cheaper. Comparing the manufacturer's services with good after-sales service might be crucial to ensure that your pump operates well in the long run.

ARO provides cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality and complete after-sales support. Furthermore, they provide simple maintenance and access to parts.



Since they have distinct operating characteristics and are very adaptable, air-operated double diaphragm pumps are employed in a variety of sectors. They can pump a wide range of materials without contaminating them, including caustic chemicals and delicate food goods.

Proper AODD pump manufacturer selection guarantees that your pump performs effectively and dependably in the desired application. This may enhance the overall safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of operations.