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Cycle Sensors
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Cycle Sensors

Provides a closed contact output for monitoring pump operation. Can be used to monitor cycle rates, preventative maintenance and rough flow rate indication (power supply and other devices required to gather, store or manipulate data).

Product Information


  • 66975 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4" Pumps 1", 1½", 2" & 3" PRO-Series Pumps
  • 67350 1" & 1½" EXP-Series Pumps 2" Non-Metallic EXP-Series Pumps
  • 67350-1 2" & 3" Metallic EXP-Series Pumps
  • ARO's cycle sensor lets you know how many pump cycles have elapsed so you can be prepared to perform preventive maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • The cycle sensor is a cost-effective way to save maintenance costs while keeping your pump operation on-line


  • 67386: PD03P-X-X, PD05P-X-X-B, PD07P-X-X, PD05R-X-X-B, PD07R-X-X
  • 67390: PD10P-X, PE10P-X, PD10E-X, PD10R-X, PE10R-X, PD15P-X, PE15P-X, PD15E-X, PD15R-X, PE15R-X
  • 67391: PD20P-X, PE20P-X, PD20R-X-B, PE20R-X-B, PD30R-X-C, PE30R-X-C
  • 67392: PD10X-X, PE10X-X, PW10A-X, PD15X-X, PE15X-X
  • 67393P: D20X-X-B, PE20X-X-B, PF20X-B, PP20X-X, PD30X-X-C, PE30X-X-C, PP30X-X
  • 67169: 6661AX-X-C, 66615X-X-C, 6662AX-X-C, 666100-X-C, 666150-X-C