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For over 85 years, the ARO® Fluid Products business of Ingersoll Rand® has developed partnerships with more than 200 original equipment manufacturers and distributors, enabling us to better focus on the unique pumping needs of many industries. It’s a strategic merger of our partners’ application expertise, along with our decades-long legacy of designing and building outstanding piston pumps.

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Simply Versatile

ARO piston pumps are capable of handling a wide variety of viscous fluids. With a wide selection of pressure ratios and displacement rates available, ARO offers a number of piston pump packages that can meet your specific application needs. Offered in multiple configurations, including single-post, two-post and heavy-duty two-post, our piston pump packages ensure you have the right solutions for the following applications as well as many others.

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Industry Expertise Merged With Proven Piston Pump Technologies.

Piston Packages for Any Application

ARO offers a versatile range of piston pump packages capable of meeting the specific needs of your specific application. Available in multiple configurations with a broad selection of pressure ratios and displacement rates, our pumps can help unlock superior performance and increase production across a number a unique applications.



Paint and Coating Applications

Paint and Coating

The abrasive nature of paints and coatings can quickly break down weaker components. That’s why systems that handle the transfer of high-solids materials trust ARO piston pumps to stand up to the pressure.

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Lubricant Applications

Lubricant Applications

Lubricant applications demand a pump that can dispense oils and greases accurately and without wasting a drop. That’s why ARO piston pumps are at the heart of the most vital systems.

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Adhesive and Sealant Applications

Adhesive and Sealant Applications

When your application deals with dispensing highly abrasive materials, you need a system with strength that lasts. Strength that only ARO piston pumps can deliver.

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Pump selection made simple

Whether your application requires a 2-ball, 4-ball, or chop-check piston pump, with ARO, you get a pump that’s better engineered, from the inside out. We offer design features and performance enhancements that ensure your pump is as durable and dependable as possible.

With an ARO piston pump, you can be assured of getting reliable equipment with the least amount of effort, calculation, or hassle on your part. There are basically four factors to take into consideration when selecting the right configuration for your application: 

Type of fluid
Viscosity or thickness
Required flow rate
Required output pressure

Knowing fluid viscosity and flow rates makes it easier to choose the right pump for your application. Not sure what size air motor or piston pump you need? No problem. You can find out by contacting ARO Technical Support and working directly with our expert pump consultants to be sure you get a motor and pump package that operates efficiently, reliably, and safely.


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source: Ingersoll Rand® / ARO®